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When he first stepped onstage as a young child Cheetah became hooked with performance, theatre, and entertainment. Cheetah studied every aspect of theatre that he could through school and graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater and Dance. 

He has since performed across the United States and worldwide with companies such as Cirque Du Soleil, Disney, and television programs like America's Got Talent. His extremely wide range of versatile skills and talents has enabled him to make a living throughout the performing arts, not just one discipline.

Cheetah has garnered international acclaim and recognition for his performances with his all original family show The Platt Brothers. This incredible show has toured all around the world and won titles of "Best Live Comedy, 2009" and "Best Family Entertainment 2010 and 2011." Cheetah and his brothers have been featured on international television programs, and theaters worldwide with their all original brand of family friendly comedy, and entertainment. 

Whether performing sword fights and bar brawls, recording cartoon voices, swinging from the ceilings, breathing fire, or working on his latest feature role; Cheetah Platt is constantly seeking to entertain, create, and share his love of the arts with others. 

His professional demeanor, reliability and exceptional talent have made him a sought after performer in all a wide variety of fields.