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Private Lessons, Classes, Workshops, and Choreography

Cheetah has made a name for himself not just as a great performer, but as an incredible teacher. He has lead classes and workshops across the nation and abroad in many different fields and settings.
Cheetah has been hired for private aerial lessons by professional Cirque du Soleil aerialists, as well as fitness enthusiasts who have no desire for professional performance- He has taught theater technique and training in elementary schools as well advanced workshops for other theater educators themselves- He has also introduced fire spinning, eating, and performance to many new enthusiasts in safe, and fun classes across California. 

Cheetah is currently Artistic Director and Aerial Studio Manager for Aerial Revolution Entertainment and offers private lessons, group classes and workshops through his studio in San Diego every week.
His aerial workshops, teaching cirque skills from partner acrobatics and aerial work, to solo silks, choreography, and extreme circus fitness,have taken Cheetah from Hawaii to New York, as well as internationally teaching workshops and programs for Circus academies, fitness studios, and individuals all around the world.

For information on booking a private lesson, group class, or workshop for your studio, don't hesitate to contact Cheetah. He brings fun, creativity, and extreme energy to all his classes creating exciting and engaging learning environments in all his classes.
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